what currency is accepted in Niue

Niue uses the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). 

what method of payment do we accept

We accept directly the following payments- BANK TRANSFERS, CASH AND ONLINE PAYMENT FORMS (Debit Cards, Paypal, Credit Cards). We currently don't have an Eftpos machine but will update this once we get one up and running!


To drive in Niue, you must obtain a Niue Drivers Licence from the Niue Police Station. You can convert your overseas licence for a small fee at their office in Fonuakula, which isn't far from the Airport- https://www.facebook.com/NiuePolice/

What does insurance cover?

Standard insurance is included in your car rental rate also known as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) however this cover has a standard excess of $2,500. We do offer excess waiver options to reduce this excess.

Most, if not all, drivers in Niue are uninsured and in the event of an accident it is impossible to recover insurance excesses, even if the other party is at fault. The best insurance policy you can have is to "drive carefully and follow the speed limit" on the island.

Do you offer drop off/pick up at different locations

We offer drop off/pick up services to different locations other than the airport and our office- complimentary! We just need to know in advance so we can organise this for you.

Will we need credit card details?

Yes! We will need your credit card details for security reasons. This is to cover any incidentals eg. refueling costs, cleaning fees if necessary.

Are tyre punctures covered?

Tyre punctures and damage to the overhead of the vehicle are not covered and you will be liable for repairs.

Do you have a minimum day hireage?

Yes, we do have a minimum hirage of three days.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us!