Niue lies on the migratory path of the Oceanic Humpback Whales. From July through to September they rest, calve, and breed in our waters. We are a Niuean owned and licensed operator that can take snorkellers out to observe the whales’ behaviour. From impressive breaches, to spy hops, tail slaps and fin slaps each activity demonstrates an important part of the whale’s behaviour that we can observe from our boat. Every interaction is different and will depend on the whales’ behaviour. Our local guides will determine if an in-water interaction will be possible, and it doesn’t have to be about getting in the water with the whales though, just being able to observe and photograph them from the boat is special for many.

We encourage you to pre-book your whale-watching experience. Our trips run for four hours and include snorkel gear, a wetsuit, light refreshments, and a local guide.